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Water Well Drilling & Water Location Services


water well drilling    

Need water? Want it guaranteed? We not only provide drilling services but we can also locate water on your property before we drill. We are so confident with our groundwater survey that we have a *RISK-FREE GUARANTEE! If we find water when surveying and you use our combined services of water locating & drilling we guarantee water or the cost of drilling is free! Surveying your property before you drill can save you time and money! We are fully licensed, bonded and insured to drill in Oregon and Idaho. Our water location services can be done in any of the western states!

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Already have a driller scheduled? Let us help you find the best location for you to drill your well. We can give you an approximate depth and yield of the best location on your property for a well. Our surveys are reliable and consistent with what we find when drilling. Don't use an unreliable source like water witching or dowsing rods. Drilling a dry hole is expensive and our surveys cut out the cost of drilling until you find water. Find the water first!

*Our RISK-FREE GUARANTEE is for our combined services of water location (surveying) and well drilling. After Dig Well Drilling has completed a survey and has recommended a site for drilling (and drilling is done within 90 days of the survey) we will guarantee water to be present or the cost of drilling is free! We cannot guarantee quality of water. Dig Well Drilling cannot recommend drilling in an area with an interpreted yield of less than 6gpm due to factors in the drilling process that can at times significantly, and detrimentally affect the final yield of a low yield aquifer. Non-recommended yields have the possibility of being as low as 0.0gpm. Since the aquifer conditions may be changing with time, it is possible that these changes could adversely affect its yield. It is because of this possibility that Dig Well Drilling suggests that if the client chooses to drill a well at any of the locations that Dig Well Drilling surveyed; the well should be drilled within 90 days of the survey completion date. If the client is using the combined services of water locating and drilling from Dig Well Drilling and the client chooses to drill at a site that has an interpreted yield of less than 6gpm, Dig Well Drilling cannot guarantee water to be present and cannot guarantee the cost of drilling. Dig Well Drilling does not provide drilling services outside of the 150mile radius from our business location in Nyssa, Oregon (except in certain cases, please contact us if you are close to the 150mile range and want our RISK-FREE GUARANTEE).